DeKalb County Community Foundation, Inc.

The DeKalb County Community Foundation was established in 1996 as a vehicle for donors who wish to better the community now and in the future. It provides flexible, efficient and tax-effective ways to ensure charitable gifts achieve the greatest possible impact.  

The community foundation holds a collection of permanent endowment funds that offer a continuous source of income for a wide variety of charitable purposes. The foundation makes it possible for people of all means to act philanthropically, regardless of the size of their donation.

DeKalb County Community Foundation’s mission:

bulletHelp donors make their philanthropic dreams come true
bulletFoster an awareness of philanthropy
bulletDevelop a unified pool of funds that will help improve the quality of life for DeKalb County citizens.

To learn more about the community foundation, please contact the foundation office at 260.925.0311 or E-mail us at


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